Mani–Mala (Chain of gems) has been strung on the four–fold thread of English,Bengali,Hindi and Sanskrit languages , with the gems obtained from the precious mines of the Puranas and other classic works of the Hindus . At the end of the description of each class of gems have been inserted the views of the European authorities thereon as a knot in order to compactness. To the whole has been attached a pendant forming the supplement, replenished with miscellaneous information on diverse kinds of gems.

HAIL to the goddess who chases away the darkness of ignorance. Her , who is ceaselessly adored by the Holy Triad , whose form is gentleness , who dwells constantly in the lotus forest , whose lustre resembles that of the moon , whose person is decked all over with milk – white ornaments , whose hand sometimes holds the hard handle of the vina , at others , the neat volume ,whose favor reclaims people from ignorance and brings about their good , hail to the word – presiding goddess , Saraswati .
1. Of the various kinds of gems, those only that, on examination, turn out to be sterling, should be treasured up.
2. As a pure jewel is a source of manifold blessing to man, so a flawy one is the cause of diverse troubles . I shall therefore expose the real properties of precious stones .
3-4. According to authorities in the science of precious stones , the following classification well nigh exhausts the more important ones : diamond , pearl , zircon , ruby , emerald , sapphire , cat’s eye , topaz , cymophane , garnet , spinel or balas ruby , quartz and coral .
5. The worth of gems is ascertained by persons skilled in the knowledge of them , after examination of their figure , color , flawlessness or otherwise , and the effects deducible therefrom .
6 .Stones originating on inauspicious days and at unlucky moments are not only void of any beneficial quality , but are positively harmful .
7. Those princes that are desirous of securing good fortune , should procure and wear jewels of spotless chastity .
8. Only such persons as have mastered the knowledge of gems, use them habitually , can judge their value with precision , and are skilled in the lapidary art, should be reckoned as connoisseurs of precious stones .